Hard Rock / Metal

Stream (179)Bit RateComments
Musik.eXTreMe on RauteMusik.FM128 kbpsMusik.eXTreMe - 24/7 hours open - Wir rocken das Netz!
100hitz - Rock128 kbpsAll Rock....no roll!
100hitz - Heavy Metal128 kbpsMetal Rock doesn't get any heavier than this!
1RockFm128 kbpsRocks Future Past
2012 Radio128 kbpsMetal for an End of the World party!
525 Power Tracks96 kbpsHard Rock and Heavy Metal since 2002
89.1 the Point WBSU64 kbpsYour Home for the Best New Music First!
93.7 KLBJ32 kbpsThe Rock of Austin
98 Rock128 kbpsCalifornia’s Rock Station
Abbot's Grave Digger Radio128 kbpsGrave Digger Radio-
AceRadio – Hard Rock128 kbpsYour best bet for Internet Radio.
AceRadio – Super Rock Mix128 kbpsYour best bet for Internet Radio.
ActiveRadio.US ROCK128 kbpsBest of Today's Active Rock
Aggression @ Distortion Radio128 kbpsPositively powerful rock and metal.
All HDR Hard Rock – HDRN128 kbpsPlaying All the BEST Hard Rock @ hardrock.harddrivinradio.com
All The Elements Of Rock on clubfmradio.com65 kbpsToday's rock, yesterday's classics
American Military Radio128 kbpsA station dedicated to supporting our troops
AMPED FM ROCK128 kbpsThe perfect blend of Rock, Hard Rock, & Heavy Metal
ARC Radio128 kbpsIf it's too loud, you're too old.
Axe Radio128 kbpsGet Your Rock On! The Rock of the 90’s & Now!
Axe Radio128 kbpsGet Your Rock On! The Rock of the 90’s & Now!
Big 80’s Metal – HDRN128 kbpsPlaying the best well aged metal
Big R Radio – 80s Metal FM128 kbpsAll 80s Metal 24/7!
Bionic Strigl Radio64 kbpsRock, Metal and Talk from Mark Strigl and Bionic. Visit http://www.markstrigl.net/.
Blackhole FM320 kbpsMusic That Sucks You In!
BrainGell Radio128 kbpsMetal & Hard Rock - Live Dj's - Request Chat
Brimstone Radio128 kbpsMusic from the Underground
Camorock 102.5 The Bullet128 kbps80's metal,hair,glam,sleaze,Nu-Metal
ChroniX Radio: Aggression128 kbpsMetal & Hard Rock - www.chronixradio.com - Loud & Clear
ChroniX Radio: Grit128 kbpsHard Rock - www.chronixradio.com - Loud & Clear
ChroniX Radio: Metal128 kbpsMetal - www.chronixradio.com - Loud & Clear
clubfmradio.com's Dark Metal Channel65 kbpsClassic Speed, Thrash And Metal
clubfmradio.com's Hard Rock on our G93 Channel65 kbpsToday's hard, loud rock, nothing whimpy
clubfmradio.com's Love Bites Channel65 kbpsPower rock ballads of the 70s-early 90s
Confrérie du Thorium Radio128 kbpsConfrérie du Thorium Radio est un webradio à but non lucratif. La webradio à étais créer pour rassembler un maximum de personnes autour d'une même passions les MMORPG. Notre style de musique est très accès hard rock / metal car c'est la musique la plus éc
CrossFire-Radio64 kbps100% Uncensored, 100% Variety, Supporting Unsigned Bands 100% - Giving our listeners 300% of everything they need.
CyberFM Metal128 kbpsCyberFM COR Metal
CyberFM Radio Rock128 kbpsCyberFM Radio Rock
Dark Cloud Radio128 kbpsFace melting metal 24 hours a day
Death.FM 64 kbpsA Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Goth, Gore & Grind w/Requests
Djuk' Radio128 kbpsDjuk' Radio, Metal [Black ; Death ; Pagan ; Viking ; Progressif ; etc] ; Soundtracks ; Symphonique ; StarLight. www.djuk-radio.com
Doomed on SomaFM128 kbpsHaunting and scary industrial-inspired music for Halloween.
Doomed on SomaFM32 kbpsHaunting and scary industrial-inspired music for Halloween.
Dynamic Independent Radio32 kbpsWDYN.NET All Indie 24/7 Live From Rockin Rochester, NY USA
EDGE - Rock128 kbpsThe Best Rock Period. (www.edge-radio.net)
Elkhart Internet Radio128 kbpsrock and talk from indiana
ErrorFM's ROCKZILLA128 kbpsThe Loudest, Most Powerful Monster Rock on the Planet
eskemoradio.com UK128 kbpsThe experts in COOL music! Punk, Rock, Ska, Emo, Metal and Alternative music
Frogbox Radio128 kbpsJust the Legends, Ma'am.
Full Throttle Radio96 kbpsYour Music WIDE OPEN
Fuzz128 kbpsMetal, Punk and Hardcore Music For The Masses. http://fuzz.radioio.com
gameLib Radio128 kbpsWho plays, hear!
Garage7164 kbpsGarage71 radio station is geared to all Motor Heads alike. This station covers all your favorites from rockabilly to wrench bending garage rock.
Gen2Point0 Radio128 kbpsThe Darkest And Baddest Metal On The Net
GotRadio – Metal Madness64 kbpsThis station is not for the faint hearted. Metal lovers need only apply!
GotRadio – Rock64 kbpsRock with an attitude - Play it Loud and Proud!
Guitar Spirit128 kbpsDu vrai Rock bien vintage au Metal en passant par le Hard Rock !
HAG FM96 kbpsRadio HAG’ FM
Hair Metal Radio128 kbpsThe Best In 80’s and 90’s, hard rockin Hair Metal
Hard Drivin' Radio128 kbpsToday’s Hits, Yesterday’s Classics @ harddivinradio.com
HARD ROCK HEAVEN128 kbpsThe Absolute Best 80s Rock & 80s Metal 24/7
Hard Rock Radio Live128 kbpsWith The Music The Doesn’t Suck
Hard Rockin 80s128 kbpsThe best hard rock from the late 80s and early 90s
HardRadio64 kbpsThe Heavy Metal Supersite since 1995
Heavy Metal Buzz128 kbpsStreaming Metal/Hard Rock 24/7
High Voltage (1.FM TM)64 kbpseavy metal. The name says it all...
Hit-Generation 100% Rock112 kbpsPop Rock Hits' Radio Station > Live from Paris, France since 2004
Hookah Radio96 kbpsPlaying the best in Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop and a mix of Rap you know your ears will enjoy the stay, with our live dj's and chat room you have found a station to call home.
Hot Mix Radio Metal128 kbpsHotmixradio Metal - La radio EMO METAL PUNK ROCK
Hot Rocks Radio128 kbpsThe International Power without the Tower - Your #1 Choice for Rock and Metal!
HQSound128 kbpsHQSound, the best webradio, it's 80% of Rock / Pop / Alternative / Hard and 20% of Dance / R'n'B
Hurricane-Rock128 kbpsBest of Metal, Punk, Alternative & Newcomer.
JasRock128 kbpsL'univers JasRock
kickassradio128 kbpsHard Rock and Metal from the 70' to today
Kink Aardschok192 kbpsPlay Hard Music Loud! Kink Aardschok offers the best and roughest rock and guitar music.
KISW-FM64 kbpsKISW - The Rock of Seattle
KNAC.COM128 kbpsThe Loudest Dot Com On The Planet
KXFX, 101.7 The Fox48 kbpsThe Rock of Sonoma County, 101.7 The Fox
KXXR-FM (93X Rocks)48 kbps93X Rocks Minnesota – USA!
L.A.Metal.show64 kbpsCurrent metal in its purest form
La Grosse Radio METAL192 kbpsMetal Hard Rock Heavy French Radio - www.LaGrosseRadio.com
LA Lloyd's Rock 3096 kbpsLA Lloyd’s Rock 30 is a weekly 3-hour New Rock countdown with a guest co-host. Previous guests include Metallica, Disturbed, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Shinedown, Nickelback and more.
laut.fm/rip-fm128 kbpsRIP FM is a radio which plays nearly every kind of Heavy Metal.
Leaf Pile Radio96 kbpsGreat Music Great Artists Great Topics 24/7!
Linkin park/métal radio128 kbpsLinkin park/métal radio est une radio proposant tout les titres du groupe Linkin Park, avec des émission diversse chaque heure mais aussi d'autre musiques, ayant un rapport avec la musique métal, hard rock, etc ...
LiveHardRock.com128 kbpsMusic to Crash Your Car To
Loaded Radio128 kbpsThe web's most comprehensive Hard Rock and Metal station, featuring live jocks, in depth interviews and much more!! New songs added daily!! Also, be sure to check www.loadedradio.com!!
M57 ROCK192 kbpsRock POP/Rock and HardRock Music. No ads! Just the music!
MANiC RADiO128 kbpsMANiC RADiO - Your Internet Radio Station - Playing your choice of established, mainstream, new, upcoming and unsigned bands.
Mark Strigl Radio128 kbpsMark from Talking Metal plays his favorite tunes.
MBC Radio128 kbpsM-B-C-Radio la première radio web francophone consacrée à Paul McCartney.
Medieval Radio128 kbpsThe best rock and metal on the net today.
Megarock Radio Hard Rock 100.1 FM128 kbpsRocking the Internet since 1998. Taking requests 24/7.
Metal Assault Radio128 kbpsAll metal radio broadcasting 24/7.
Metal Invasion Radio128 kbpsMetal Invasion Radio play metal and only Metal !
Metal Kulture Radio128 kbpsWhere Death is most Alive!
Metal Maniaxe Radio128 kbpsThe Heavy Metal Supermarket! Heavy Metal & Hard Rock 24/7! Heavy Metal & Hard Rock Spanning 50 years,No sign required, just click play and listen. If It Cranks, We're Playing It!!
Metal Militia Radio64 kbpsMetal Milita Radio! Please send all requests to jason.webb@bigdparanormal.com, and/or submit your band for play!
Metal Razor Radio64 kbpsThe Cutting Edge Of Metal
Metal Refinement192 kbpsMetal Refinement - DEIN Rock& Metal Webradio
Metal Rocks Radio128 kbps24/7 Hard Rock and Metal
Métal War128 kbpsUne Web Radio Hard Rock et Heavy Métal des années 70 à nos jours
metal-only128 kbpsAlways and only the metal
MetalHeadRadio.com128 kbpsMetal, Rock and Punk 24/7
MetalHeart128 kbpsRadio Hard Rock, Heavy & Power Metal des années 80's à aujourd'hui, avec un max de nouveautés.
MetalRock06 Radio128 kbpsMetal/Rock webradio from the French Riviera - 24/7 !
MHBradio128 kbpsRock, Metal, Alternative...We've Got You Covered!
MZORADIO128 kbpsTu aime la musique metal ? Viens écouter MZORADIO ! Une radio qui comporte environ 80 % de metal libre.
Necrophagus128 kbpsExtreme metal & electro dark
NETROCK101128 kbps80s heavy metal, hair, glam ,new rock,
Nvasion Radio128 kbpsThe best rock/metal/indie on the net. The Nvasion has Begun
Online Metal Radio32 kbpsHeaviest Station on the Net
Onslaught Radio128 kbpsBringing metal to the masses
Over The Wall Metal Radio128 kbpsOffering the best in Metal from all subgenres
Papa-Mike128 kbpsMetal, Punk-, Postrock, Indie, Classics, News & Live Stuff
Pirate Radio 100.3 FM128 kbpsPirate Radio 100.3 FM KQLZ Los Angeles - Rock from the 80s to the early 90s!
Planete Metal 68128 kbpsRock’n’Roll
Platform 264 kbpsIndependent Indian bands playing Heavy Metal, Thrash & Hard Rock Music
Power Rock 69.9 the SS128 kbpsPlaying the Hottest Active Rock, Metal & Alternative
Pure Rock Radio128 kbpsLive! Hard Rock & Metal from Canada. Rockin' since 2000, Automated REQUEST SYSTEM 24/7 (Choose from 40,000+ Tracks).
R.N.D. - Rock Never Dies128 kbpsLa radio 200% Rock ! Du Classic' Rock , Rock'n'roll , Hard Rock , Tout y passe ! Avec une bonne programmation avec des soirées tous les soirs. En un clic , écoutez de la bonne musique !
Radio Dooooom! on Scion Radio 17128 kbpsAdam Shore brings you the best in death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom. For more music visit www.scionav.com.
Radio Free-Biker128 kbpsRock / Blues / Métal
Radio GuitarWarrior128 kbpsYour best radio of Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Progressive Metal,Power Metal,Symphonic Metal.
Radio Rockcorner (auf laut.fm)128 kbpsThe Rockstation of the Nutcorners
radioio GRUNGE64 kbpsThe angst-guitar-rock rebellion that roared in the 90s
radioio GRUNGE64 kbpsThe angst-guitar-rock rebellion that roared in the 90s
radioio GUITAR HEROES64 kbpsAll the songs featured in popular rock music video games
radioio GUITAR HEROES64 kbpsAll the songs featured in popular rock music video games
radioio HAIRBANDS64 kbpsMetal-pop music just as flashy and slick as its artists
RadioMetal128 kbpsDo you like Metal? So just listen RadioMetal (Not attached to the French Webradio known)! You can discover your group!
RadioMetal (MetalSound)128 kbpsMetal Radio with the best of Metal Sound !
RadioRBF128 kbpsRadio 100% Only Rock Band Game Franchise
Raven Radio320 kbpsIt’s Metal & More 24/7
RenegadeRadio.Net96 kbpsRenegadeRadio.Net - Part of the Renegade Radio Network
Rock Band Radio128 kbpsRock Band Radio
Rock N' Hard Radio128 kbpsRock N' Hard Radio est une station se consacrant au rock en général, allant du classic rock, au hard Rock. Elle présente des standards du genre, comme des nouveautés.
Rock Nation Radio Network - RNR1128 kbps Only the best of Rock's greatest full albums played 24/7 *
Rock Zone Radio.US32 kbpsLive DJ's nightly, Chat and Forums all the time
Rock104 - The Hard Rock Channel96 kbpsThe hardest rock on the planet! - Interact and chat at www.star104.net
Rockin Doc Radio96 kbpsYour doctor of Rock
Rockin Doc Radio96 kbpsYour Doctor of Rock
RocknRollica RADIO128 kbpsRock, Alternative, & Metal Music
Rocks Away128 kbpsRocks Away est une webradio proposant le meilleur des titres rock (hard, metal, pop, punk).
rockXradio128 kbpsrockXradio Rock/Metal internet radio station from Canada. Auto requests, Rock Radio shows.
ROCKY FM - Today's Best Rock!128 kbpsWir spielen exklusiv für Dich die größten Rocksongs aller Zeiten!
Shaka Radio128 kbpsDu rock fm au metal extrême - Every styles of rock and metal
Sonata Hellvetica Rock Radio128 kbps100% Rock
Split Infinity Radio128 kbpsInternet radio by gamers for gamers, and gaming lifestyle.
The Best Of Hair Radio128 kbpsThe 80's Never Sounded So Good!
The CMS Radio Network128 kbps hard rock and heavy metal station that features shows like The Classic Metal Show, The Hairball John Radio Show and more.
The Hardest Radio128 kbps24/7 the biggest hardcore
The Killswitch Stream128 kbpsDEATH/GRIND/THRASH/BLACK: The BEST in Modern and Classic Extreme Metal!
The Shop Album Rock128 kbpsRock, Alternative & Classic Rock
The World Net Radio - Rock128 kbpsGreatRock & Roll Music. We try to play it all, oldies, the one's they dont play anymore and today's hits.
The X KXRX128 kbpsExtreme Rock of Seattle
TOOHARD128 kbps128kbps streaming, 24/7 web radio station , that plays all kinds of metal.
TOPHER ROCK STATION128 kbpsRadio de musique Rock métal
Toxik Tunes Radio128 kbpsWe play Heavy Metal, Hard Rock & Grunge around the clock. From classics to today's hit artists.
Traxx Rock128 kbpsBest actual Rock
Treble Radio96 kbpsAlternative/Rock with a little bit of everything else
Van Richter Radio56 kbpsMetal, gothic, electronic, dance, industrial - from Van Richter Records
VOICE OF ROCK64 kbpsThe Global Fellowship Of Metal & Hard Rock
WAAF 107.3 and 97.7 (WAAF-FM)128 kbpsWAAF 107.3 and 97.7 (WAAF-FM)
Webheavy128 kbpsWebheavy, que du bon son metal, pour vous déchirer les tympans.
Webradio Late-Night128 kbpsMusic For Everybody - More Than 40 Styles
WhiskeyBoy Radio128 kbpsWe feature the best in local Rock and national unsigned and new artists.
Wicked Spins Radio128 kbpsThe Newest and Hottest Rock Internet Radio Station on the Net
WOODY RADIO128 kbpsInternet radio station(playing rock music from past, present & future stars)
WROQ-FM64 kbpsRock 101 WROQ
WTPT-FM64 kbpsNew Rock 93.3
www.diabloshotrocks.com128 kbpsRock and Metal Commercial Free
X-Rock (Frankoradio.com)128 kbpsModern Rock/Hard Rock/Metal Today's & 90's
XpowerRadio128 kbpsXpowerRadio: Radio To The Xtreme
xStream-Radio128 kbpsFor Serious Rock Music Listeners: All Genres, Deep Cuts, Classic and New
Xtreme Annihilation Radio192 kbpsOur station plays the best mix of metal and hard rock. We stream 24/7. We take requests between 9am and 1am EST. We have live chat, news, interviews, and much more.
YOU FM ROCKstream128 kbpsYOU FM presents the finest rock and alternative sounds.
ZanZanA WebRadiO128 kbpsRock, Alternative, Metal bands and interviews

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